Alfalfa King Timothy Hay

Alfalfa King

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Double compressed Timothy Hay for small animals and pets. Timothy hay is a deliciously sweet grass hay for small animals. Emerald green with a robust aroma, Timothy is a low-protein, high-fiber alternative to Alfalfa hay.

Timothy hay is a great toothbrush, as guinea pigs teeth never stop growing, when they chew on the Timothy hay it actually grinds down their teeth, dental care is also very important for your rabbits and other small herbivores. Poor dental care can lead to expensive trips to the vets and could cause you small pet to be in severe discomfort.

Timothy hay also has very little dust which makes it great for pets with respiratory problems. It’s also good if any family members suffer from asthma and it can be tidier too when you’re cleaning out your rabbit. Dust from hay really can get everywhere if you’re not careful! Timothy hay is also low in calories so if your rabbit loves it, and he probably will, then you don’t have to worry about him putting on too much weight.

It's also great to use as bedding material, it smells great, were pretty sure your small pets certainly will think it tastes rather fantastic as well! For added variety, taste and texture you may find some delicious extras within your Timothy Hay or Meadow Hay, including chamomile, birch bark and tasty dandelion and marigold.

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